IZU N150,000/Night The Izu is the perfect choice for a private stay, a fun family getaway and a private event. Cadogan Estate,Jakande, Lekki View Full Info THE AGNES N120,000/Night The Agnes is a stunning masterpiece ideal for private stays, group visits, business meetings and private events. Bourdillon Court Estate Chevron, Lekki View Full Info THE CLARITA N150,000/Night The Clarita combines glamour and functionality to provide a great vacation experience for private or group stays. Cadogan Estate,Jakande, Lekki View Full Info SUNNY N300,000/Night Filled with exotic touches, the Sunny stands out as an epitome of luxury on the Island of Lagos. Victoria Island, Lagos View Full Info PATIENCE N300,000/Night This 2-bedroom suite sits on the shores of the Atlantic and is the perfect escape from the city noise. Victoria Island, Lagos View Full Info LONDON HEIGHTS N213,000/Night Our London Heights apartment is in central business district of London overlooking River Thames. A perfect place for a couple's getaway. Sirocco Tower, 32 Harbour Way, London E14 9QF View Full Info LAKEVIEW N214,000/Night Your destination is London; your home should be Lakeview. This stunning, luxurious vacation rental is located on the 21st floor of Ostro Tower close to Canary Wharf. It is near all the things the city has to offer and features a 2-bedroom short stay flat fit for business or pleasure. London View Full Info Have a Question?
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