Theodora Chimonez

Senior Product Manager
I get paid to do what I enjoy- solving real problems with technology. When I am not busy building amazing products, you can find me trawling coffee shops across different countries

Fun Fact: I have been to 23 countries and counting

Ridwan Balogun

Software Engineer
I constantly seek out innovative solutions to everyday problems. In my leisure time, I mentor the next generation of developers. I am an aspiring Web3.0 Software Engineer. I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements in the IT world.

Fun fact: I love to participate in any kind of sport that will make me sweat and my favourite sport is eating good meals.

Cynthia Orji

Brand Manager
I develop creative strategies that promote growth, offer unique experiences to guests, and make people fall in love with the powerful brand we’ve built.

Fun fact: I spend my free time writing short stories, watching Nickelodeon, or eating Doritos.

Olatunde Ayilara

Lead Product Designer
Olatunde Ayilara is the Product Designer for Rooomxix. His role is to ensure user-centered & beautiful designs are being delivered to you.

Fun Fact: Tunde loves to cook. A lot.

Helen Ochayi

Account Officer
Helen is the Accountant for Double H Experience. I am responsible for daily reconciliation of accounts, payables and receivables management, revenue and inventory monitoring. Basically, I ensure that the Finances and accounts of Double H are well managed and accurate.

Fun Fact: When I am not busy accounting for every penny, I like visiting new Restaurants, karaoke Date night or watching Netflix .

Elisha Oyawale

Software Engineer
I am a Software Engineer with experience fixing problems while others are asleep. I think for a living and I love it.

Fun fact: I’m not fun😂

Awotoro Ebenezer Oladimeji

Software Engineer
Self-motivated and results-oriented expert offering hands-on experience in software development / Technical support; He is proficient in creating and implementing unique strategies to optimize operational efficiency and cater to difficult engineering problems.

Fun fact: He loves music, travelling, sport (Football) and watching movies.

Ikhayere Omoike

Business Manager
I manage the Double H company from end-to-end, ensuring that business operations run smoothly and excellent service delivery is maintained. I’m steadily seeking and exploring strategies to reach set goals, meet and exceed targets and scale the business. I am fondly called Double H by colleagues.

Fun fact: I am extremely taken by Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) and I dream of being a British Royal

Emmanuela Mberede

Client Relationship Manager
I Build relationships with all clients,taking calls, responding to inquiries, direct messages and emails Converting inquiries to sales. Addressing customer concerns and complaints to ensure customers are satisfied with our services.

Fun fact: When I am not busy, I love seeing movies, hanging out with friends.

Awele Quarshie

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